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Photo Copyright: Helen Rimell 2009

Part café, part bakery, part gallery, the Kala Ghoda Café from the outset was conceived as an alternative to the chain-café experience for the Colaba / Fort / Churchgate triangle. It's designed as an informal local meeting place; hence the choice of name, to reflect and support the neighbourhood. It's set in an early 20th century barn - an intimate space in the heart of Mumbai's historic art district, with a vaulted wooden roof and two generous full-length skylights. Although a small space, the roof height is great, allowing for the original brick walls to be used as a photo display space. The gallery is blessed with ample light during the day, but is nonetheless kitted out with a sophisticated daylight balanced lighting system to view prints under optimum conditions.

On offer are a range of organic coffees, teas and infusions, as well as breakfasts - both Parsi and Conti; freshly made sandwiches and salads, and a limited hot menu. We make our own blend of the finest certified organic, shade grown, south Indian arabica and robusta beans, selected for their spicy notes, bold-yet-smooth taste, and ability to produce persistent crema. All our coffees are sourced directly from plantations which engage in sustainable practices. The plants are grown in complete harmony with the surrounding forest, thereby maintaining the existing biodiversity and a rich self-supporting ecosystem. Locally sourced ingredients are a priority where available and we are constantly on the lookout for good organic food suppliers. For our decaf coffee, we choose Italian blends that can offer an acceptable body and crema. We bake all our breads at the shop itself and use certified organic non-GM wholegrain wheat flour mixed with other grains and flours.

Kala Ghoda Moderna - a related venture - distributes the unique products we have used in the café. These include the curved tiles we have in our bathroom from Dtile, Holland; lighting from Kera Interiors, Finland, and Ifö Electric, Sweden; and furniture from TON.eu.

The KGC likes to encourage alternative transport and to that effect the café has been fitted with two bicycle locking devices for your security. Just bring your own chain lock. Join the KGC facebook group and stay in touch for news and events.

Leave your car at home and come and visit us - walk or use your bike!

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Opening Hours:

Daily: 08.00 to 22.45